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02 Ekim 2009


Dünyanın en iyi iletişim okulu olan Annenberg School for Communication-University of Pennsylvania'da yeni Dekan ataması için tüm mezunların ve öğrencilerin de görüşleri soruluyor. Prof. Dr.Veysel Batmaz'a gönderilen aşağıdaki mektubu, Dekan seçim sürecinin bir Amerikan üniversitesi'nde nasıl işlediğini göstermek için, bir örnek olsun diye Vistilef izleyenlerine sunuyoruz:

TO: Alumni of the Annenberg School for Communication
FROM: Afaf Meleis, Dean, School of Nursing, and Chair, Consultative Review Committee on the

Reappointment of Michael Delli Carpini as Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication

Michael Delli Carpini’s initial appointment as Dean of the Annenberg School for Communication ends on June 30, 2010. In discussions with Dean Delli Carpini, President Gutmann and Provost Price have learned that he is willing to have his term extended for another five years beyond that date. When reappointment of a Dean is contemplated, University policy requires that a Consultative Review Committee be established to advise the President and the Provost. In addition, each member of the standing faculty of the School is given the opportunity to provide confidential advice and views to the President and Provost.

After appropriate consultation and the nomination of faculty and students from within the Annenberg School for Communication, the President and Provost have established a Consultative Review Committee, which they have asked me to chair, to advise them on the extension of Dean Delli Carpini’s appointment.

The members of the Consultative Review Committee are:

Chair: Afaf Meleis, Dean, School of Nursing
Joseph Cappella, ASC
Martin Fishbein, ASC
Marybeth Gasman, GSE
Robert Hornik, ASC
John Jackson, Jr., ASC & SAS
Geeta Menon, Wharton
Peter Stallybrass, SAS
Andrew Crocco, PhD student, ASC
Julie Gutowski, undergraduate communication major, SAS
Alumni Representative:
William Novelli, ASC’64
Staff to the Committee:
Adam Michaels, President's Office
Stephen P. Steinberg, President's Office
On behalf of the Committee, I am writing both to inform you about this process and to ask you to provide the Consultative Review Committee with any information you believe is appropriate regarding Dean Delli Carpini’s leadership of the Annenberg School for Communication, and especially, the major challenges and opportunities that he and the School will face over the next five years.

Please feel free to communicate with the Committee orally or in writing, through me, any of its members, or most conveniently through the Committee staff, Dr. Stephen P. Steinberg ( or Mr. Adam Michaels (, as you prefer. I ask that you do so no later than October 30, 2009. While the Committee does not accept anonymous communications, the identity of all correspondents will be kept confidential and will not be shared with the President, Provost, Dean, or anyone outside the Committee.
Thank you for your participation in this important process. I and my colleagues on the Review Committee greatly value your insights and advice.

Afaf I. Meleis, Phd, DrPS(hon), FAAN, Margaret Bond Simon Dean of Nursing, Professor of Nursing and Sociology,University of Pennsylvania
School of Nursing, Claire M. Fagin Hall, 418 Curie Blvd., Claudia S. Heyman Dean's Suite, Philadelphia, PA 19104-4217, USA
+1-215-898-8283 (phone)
+1-215-573-2114 (fax)

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